There are two types of testing for HIV. These two types are blood testing and nucleic acid testing. The blood tests are called ELISA and Western blot. The blood test is thought to be most accurate out of the blood test or the nucleic acid test but the result still may be incorrect. This is why the ELISA test tries to find if you have HIV or not the Western Blot test tests the findings of the ELISA tests for verification of HIV existing in a person’s system or not.

The Nucleic Acid Test

Then there is the nucleic acid test, which is done by using a cotton swab in the mouth and testing the results. This method is much more expensive so is not used as often when you are being tested for a workplace or for another parts of business but many people still prefer this method so that they do not have to have their blood drawn. The percentage of the time that the ELISA tests are correct is approximately 13.2% of the time. This means that some people are told that they have HIV before they actually do. There are multiple different viruses that are able to set off an HIV test and if you have the ELISA test come through positive more than likely one of them is in your system even if it is not HIV.

Timely Testing to Avoid Complications

The reason that this is all important and that getting tested is important is because not only does HIV mean you are able to get AIDS, which can slowly cause you to die from at least 26 different diseases, but also because HIV also affects a person’s health in other ways. The HIV that is within a person’s system eats away at cells that reside in different parts of the body including the brain, nervous system, etc.

The Advantages of Testing

When you get an HIV test done, you are either making sure that HIV is something that you do not have and do not have to worry about spreading or dealing with or you are making sure that you can seek treatment as soon as possible. There are many benefits to early treatment that can be taken advantage of when a person has their HIV caught in its earliest stages. This includes having the growth of the HIV slowed so that your body is able to hold it off longer and it means that you will not spread it to another person and force them to have to seek treatment as well.

A person should be checked after sexual intercourse and a person may be able to find free testing through many programs around the world that have started to offer it. There is also anonymous HIV testing in some areas that is done with no cost and is paid for by the public health department. When you take this test, no one has to know the results of the test unless you prefer it.

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